I grew up in a family with five high-achieving siblings. We were raised as Christians by a very strict and abusive father and had our fair share of tormenting childhood years.

My parents got divorced when I was 9 years old and my mother raised us six kids all by herself.

You could say that from there on, I was practically responsible for myself because I didn’t trust anyone to protect and care for me.

My mother did what she could to give us a good home and food on the table but there is only so much time left in the day when you have to be the mom, dad and breadwinner to go to work to feed six kids on your own.

Money was always tight and the fear of surviving and making ends meet a constant reminder. 

I got myself into a lot of trouble and couldn’t get over the many traumas I experienced as a child. My teenage years were filled with self-destructive behaviour and one bad experience and abusive relationship after another.

After five near-death experiences and no way out but into LIFE I decided that I was going to find a way to not die and instead LIVE. 


I went on an inner quest and read every book, attended every seminar about personal developement, was always the youngest in the circle and had to fight my way in as a minor to being taken seriously.  

By the time I turned 18 I had not only a college degree I also had clients ligning up to work with me because of my transformational work and the journey I had mastered into my self-empowerment.

I decided to no longer pursue an academic degree to get a masters like the rest of my siblings and instead ventured out to become an Online Entrepreneur at the age of 18. 

I didn’t have a model or someone who could teach me how things are done. I learnt what I could and hustled my way to multiple 4-figures in the first month of launching my business. Back then, I charged € 120.- for an hourly session with me.

By the time I turned 23, I had built the life I always wanted with the car, the house and the shiny things. But I worked constantly and over-gave. I never took a real break. I was close to a burn-out and decided enough was enough. I went on a vacation instead of attending a nunnery and my life took a turn I could have never imagined. 

Watch this if you want to give up

Watch this if you want to give up or feel like your dreams are impossibleFollow Tabita Dietrich for more videos!

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In order for me to discover my True Life Purpose and the Success that goes beyond material things and money, I had to give up everything and everyone to fully die and be reborn again.

As you know, that lesson came when I was innocently incarcerated and spent two years in prison on the other side in a 3rd world country.

From that experience came a best-selling book at 26, countless television interviews, and sharing my story of being reborn with the masses.

When I was done with that phase I came out at the other end indestructible. Literally! And it also changed the way I run my business forever.


My inner GPS is my Highest Authority and I trust my inner guidance to show me the shortest path that I take massive action on to get the biggest results with least effort and collapse time to have substantial impact.

We at the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur are serving people on four continents and in two different languages.

I have a team of 20 fantastic people and growing who manage all the tasks for me that don’t require my attention so that I can leverage my time wisely and only work in my Zone of Genius.

That allowed me to build two more companies and to being able to retire from coaching at the age of 30 to have my trained coaches take over so I can focus my attention on my new ventures.

I only take on the clients I really want to work with and say no to the people who aren’t a fit even though they are ready to pay my multiple 5- and 6-figure fees.

I get up each and every day excited about my day ahead and I think about myself, my desires, my pleasures and what I need before thinking about anybody else.

I am connected to my biggest Vision here on earth on how I am reinventing Humanity and I act on it daily.

I am not afraid of whatever is coming my way. I have mastered the Art of Evolution and keep reinventing myself and my Companies to let go of what is no longer serving my Legacy. I believe this to be the most important skill that every Entrepreneur needs to develop.

That is what we at the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur help you with. We are supporting Pioneers like you close anywhere from $ 5k to $ 100k+ offers with Integrity and Creativity, to expand your Business beyond a brand and into it’s own Movement, to upgrade your Authority and Leadership Skills, to have a Salesprocess and Marketing-Message in place that is not coming from survival-based tactics and to know your Craft and Delivery that serves your Vision and Mission so well that you are an invincible force that is contributing to the reinvention of Humanity itself.

Our clients generated 1000% revenue increase, six-figures in the first month of working with us, from newbie-coach to a 5-figure entry month and exiting their coaching business to venture into other experiences but have a company that is profiting and being taken care of by amazing employees.

My mission is to help every person still seeking to experience maximum freedom financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as time-wise. I believe that only when we build a Life on the Foundation of Freedom can we massively give back and truly change the World.