If you are starting to seek out the esoteric space because you understand that there is more to you than just your personality and you want to deeply understand your soul… I can save you a lot of time on your spiritual journey.

What is going to happen is you are going to seek out a lot of things when you go into the esoteric space and what you really need instead is to just understand how soul transformation works. You need to understand how you specifically provide that transformation to other people. You don’t actually need all these other tools. Hear it from one of my clients…

“The wake I felt as I read Tabita’s first online post somewhere and the scary yet intuitive decision to join the Mastermind did not deceive me. I have been in the program for three months now and have made a powerful developmental progress. Going into self-responsibility and rebuilding my standards are the most important stages on my path right now and I realize how fantastic I feel. I don’t mean as an emotion but as a state of being and though the path ahead of me is profoundly unknown, I feel I am in control of my situation.

I notice how my inner me outgrows anything that has ever existed and that I am really grateful for myself. To receive this gift and to have such a great mentor by my side who leads me unerringly through wild and sometimes murky waters is remarkable.

I think the concept of the Mastermind is unique and I have never seen such a deep connection between embodied spirituality and business in this way and it still gives me goose bumps especially that my dream life is now becoming true … And yes, fear is my driving horse, it brings me to where my soul would like to settle down joyfully.

Thank you Tabita with all my heart that you are here! May many more people with your help completely change their lives and become the servants of their souls! (She sold her first multiple 4-figure package to her dream client and received € 7000.- full pay. Congratulations!)”


Here is where you get to bring the part of you that makes money and spirituality together to be united and grounded in a deep way! Klick here to join us!

See you on the other side!

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