One of my clients told me today that she deeply respects and admires how I am able to hold so much space for so many people. Thank you for that and I deeply respect you as well 🙂

But actually that is the difference between running a business from your personality and therefor your passion, knowledge and skills or running a business not from what your soul has already mastered but what your soul has come to master and therefor your artistical genius.

When I used to run my business from my personality I was the one holding space and trying to do everything on my own. I needed to have my shit together all the time and I used to identify whether or not I was doing great by what was going on outside of me aka conditional love and living which is one of the basic human illusions I help my clients unhook from.

I was successful in my business and made great money but I wasn’t following what my path with 100% integrity and I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. Like I had to learn more, do more and accomplish more to be me. Which of course is total crap and considering that I was 22 and had a multiple 6-figure business and working with clients internationally just didn’t make any sense.

I had also achieved everything that I wanted in my life including having the house, the car and the lifestyle I always wanted. But all of that doesn’t mean anything if you are attached to it and are not really free. So I had to give it all up and stop identifying myself with material things.

7 years later, I am still enjoying all the material things and living the luxury, the 5-star hotels and the extensive travels including 2-3 treatments for myself every week but I am not attached to it anymore. My happiness, my self-worth and my definition of who I am is none of those things.

I deeply honor myself, my body, my personality, my human self and mother earth and that is the first phase you have to go through and master to be ready and offer it yourself a vessel to your soul. You didn’t come here and chose a body to then just bypass it.

When you did that you have to understand what your soul has come to master and where on earth (the exact place) your soul is thriving the most to be deeply supported, rooted and grounded. Only when you have integrate that into your business are you then able to provide an energetic field that does the work for your clients as soon as they step into your container.

Which is why it is not me that is holding the space for my clients. It is my energetic field and I am able to tune in and out anytime I want to. But I also have SOP in place and a team of 8 people plus a publishing company that support my legacy and take care of all the tasks that don’t require my attention so that I can fully and only operate from my artistical genius and let my soul run my business. Which is why I can take 10 days off and be offline and my business is running like a well-oiled machine whilst I am away and I don’t constantly think about what I have to do or have to play catch-up once I am back. Also multiple 5-figure sales happen organically and naturally without me pushing anything.

Don’t get me wrong. The path to this is not easy. It requires of you to be all in and deeply surrender. And to give up a lot of things that you thought you were and needed and actually are not serving your soul’s mission. But it is worth every step of the way.

As I said you can’t bypass any stage and any part of the cycle. There is no space for wishy-washy light and love ungrounded theory or calling in the masters and angels to do the work for you or giving up responsibility in any way. You are called to live all of you deeply rooted, expanded, multidimensional and evolutionary to have a business that is bigger than yourself but at the same time supports you and your life so that you are not a servant of your business. And also you don’t need to stop being a human being and choose to be high-vibe all the time thinking that your genius demands that of you. You are everything there is and you get to enjoy and live everything there is freely and not attached when you live in integrity with your personality, your soul and your bigger evolution of work.

I deeply honor and respect the path I had to pave for myself and am now able to give to my clients as a vortex by grounding this way of Entrepreneurship. It changes everything from the inside out and from the outside in because there is no escaping from yourself anymore. And you don’t want to when you see what your legacy and soul’s destiny really is. You also don’t doubt anymore whether or not it is going to happen. It is already done energetically and you need to act on it and show up for it physically to bring it into the world. You are not meant to do it alone and you are also not meant to control and manage everything yourself. Life holds itself in balance and holds you once you trust and surrender more deeply than ever before.

I’d love to support you here on this journey

With deep respect,


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