There comes a time in your business growth sooner rather than later when… 

You have to establish a deep connection with mother earth and return to your roots before your next level clients can come in. 

You have to deeply ground and relax on a cellular level and say goodbye to overstimulation for your adrenal glands to be nurtured and supported in every way not just financially. 

You have to honor the land you are on and everywhere you go and get the blessing from its ancestors before you think about personal gain, global visibility, world travels and retreats. 

You have to return to your spiritual roots and become deeply aware what your soul has come to master to be expanded and grounded at the same time so that challenges and obstacles don’t seem like a mountain anymore and you pushing the stone up the hill like sisyphos. 

You have to understand how transformation works in general, how you deliver transformation and what the missing link is that you provide for your clients so that you can not only close 100% but also deliver 100%. 

You have to become so intimate and fall madly and deeply in love with yourself to reverse the slow dying process of your wild, untamed and holy nature. 

You have to contribute and make offerings to the much bigger evolution you are part of to uncover your next bigger evolution of work that will also lead to your next level of abundance in each and every area. 

You have to leave your home or the place you currently live and settle down where your soul can thrive the most. 

You have to give up how you look on the outside and whether or not what you are saying or doing is supporting or damaging your brand to be unique, authentic and vulnerable to truly stand out. 

You have to cry a thousand tears, cross the threshold into the unknown and unseen to be the pioneer you were born to be and potentially but most likely leave some people behind that you truly and deeply love. 

You have to give up personal success for soul fulfilment. 

You have to make short term sacrifices to serve the highest good of all. 

You have to have to walk through the gate and let life make the most difficult decisions for you. 

You have to trust and surrender to be made and remade by life itself over and over again. 

You have to give up mental control to be human and supreme being at the same time and all the levels in between. 

You have to give up your well-crafted identity to become YOU personally, on a soul level, in your business as well as globally. 

You have to be the person you always most admired and become your only and highest authority.  

You have to be offline more than online to actually expand your Online Coaching Business and become visible to who is really supposed to see you. 

You have to unleash the artist within you to access your most brilliant and never before seen projects that change the world.

You have to give up your shiny marketing language for your truth and most important legacy. 

You have to stop thinking about your next level financial growth in business to actually live your destiny. 

Death becomes immanent to life.

The only question remaining is… is this you? Type yes in the comments or give me an emoji! 

With deep respect,







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