One of the most important things on this entrepreneurial journey is to understand that you don’t have to be perfect! It doesn’t matter whether you are already making 7-figures, just cracked the 6-figure ceiling or just starting out. You are never done because life is never over. It’s a never-ending journey and the fact that you are alive is proof enough that you’ve made it. 

So I want you to remember this… 

Pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your highest destiny is what you are here for. But it’s not so much a question if you are going to make that happen because I know you have decided and so you will but how you are making it happen. 

You chose to be in this physical body and experience the human part of it all. And that means life is gonna be messy, it’s gonna have its ups and downs, your heart will be broken and you sometimes feel like you are just not good enough even when you’ve reached the 7-figure success. Because that is part of being a human being. And the sooner you learn to accept that and love yourself in the midst of all of it the sooner you are going to experience peace, joy and fulfilment in each and every moment no matter how messy it gets. And you learn to love yourself even when you are angry, crying or life just doesn’t go how you’ve planned it to go.  

Therefor one of the most important things I teach my clients is to have a business that is run by their soul because they understand what their soul has come to master and are on track with their soul’s path whilst having a fantastic team and standard operating procedures that support that so they can enjoy being human beings and not be perfect and high-vibe all the time.  

The less you try to have your shit together, the better for your happiness! 

If you’ve sought after enlightenment and did all the spiritual retreats, seminars and initiations there is going to be the most difficult, most enlightening and most loving initiation waiting for you yet to come. And that is the one when you truly see and love yourself with every fiber of your being. Not some idea of how your life is meant to look like from the outside, not some fake spiritual mask pretending to be light and love nor the striving for perfection but the most vulnerable purest YOU. 

That is the moment when all your dreams come true literally! And when the journey to fulfilling your highest destiny is one of freedom not one of perfection. 

That is why I don’t call myself a light-worker, dark-worker, shadow-worker or any kind of worker because I’ve found myself in the darkest places, experiencing the worst pain after I was stripped naked of all the ideas, beliefs and material things I thought would make me who I am including the spiritual image I had created for myself.  

That’s why I can’t be defined as any kind of one size fits all approach and description because I adore the dark as much as the light and I see God in the homeless person on the street broken and with no vision for I was once that person as well as in the person that made her dreams come true and never gave up for I will always be that person. 

It also is the reason why I know people, their deepest pain and most secretive dreams even if they don’t even know them themselves because home is inevitable and I know what home looks and feels like for each and every one of them. 


Freedom is a choice! 

Happiness is a choice! 

Living and loving YOU is a choice! 

What is your choice? 


With love and deep respect, 



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