You already came with a fully equipped business model and a strategy to make it work. But you could end up leaving a lot of impact, money and fantastic clients on the table by not knowing what that is specifically and uniquely for you and how it is meant to be brought into this world so that it combines your personality, what your soul has yet to master in a business model and strategy that will actually make the global impact possible for you in a way that is 100% in integrity with you.  

The biggest driving force in your business success is not the money, it is what you can do and the impact that you make with that money. Being seen and heard on television and podcasts of influencers and nationwide audiences is not only reserved for the most popular people but for the ones who are living in integrity with themselves personally, on a soul level and talk about their message and mission to everyone they meet along the way. 

People want to hear your story, your why and what you have to contribute to let your work serve the highest good of all. And for that to happen you have to know what your legacy is and how but not only what will get you to your highest destiny and deepest fulfilment.  

It’s why I was able to write a bestselling book and get my message out there on nationwide television and radio shows right after I left prison. My publisher contacted me through my website and I only had 500 followers on Facebook and a tiny email list. But I had a huge mission and message to share in a way that people could understand and that was in integrity with what I came here to do. Which is the only way that manifestation actually works. It is you seeing the vision, taking the steps and completely forgetting about how it is happening. Once you walk the path and you are taking the action, you don’t doubt or think about if or when it will happen. You always are in that state of being that it is done and that means you can forget about it and let life do its magic. You don’t write down affirmations, think daily about your goals or force yourself to be high vibe. You simply listen to the intuitive instructions your soul is giving you and walk the path.  

And please don’t ever apply the seven hermetic laws to your life. It will only leave you with confusion, frustration and scarcity because these are not the laws that actually apply to your life and business and make it work and neither will applying the best marketing strategies and someone else’s proven system if it is not in integrity with your path, your vision, your lifestyle and your genius.  

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