You need to be sold on your offer first before you can sell it. We know this to be the number one principle for actually selling your multiple 5-figure offer or any kind of offer for that matter.   

But being sold on what you offer does not come from implementing a proven strategy in your business and then selling that, collecting some testimonials and say yeahh I made it work as well. Why?    

Because there is this voice inside of you talking to you: “Heyyy, this is not why I am here. This is not what I am meant to be doing! I know you want proof that what you have to offer has worked before and that is why you implement someone else’s proven strategy and formula. But I am here to lead with the unmanifest and to reinvent humanity by implementing what has never been seen before. I am your guidance! I am your success! I am the path! Follow me! Your soul”   

That is why you can’t but implement not only what but how your soul has decided to master the unknown parts of herself in a way that invites you to be comfortable in something of nothing and having no one agree with you but the circle of equals.     

It is why you are the pioneer of your work that is reinventing humanity on your end of the equation and why you partner up with equals on their end of the equation to make it work as a whole and why you won’t be able to sell out a 4-figure offer but very well a 5-figure and multiple 5-figure offer no matter the industry that is in integrity with you on a personal level, what your soul yet has to master and that is acting in alignment with the global vision you are here to execute to serve the highest good of all.   

Once those levels of integrity are met you are supported and have the support of the entire cosmos and Mother earth on your side without practicing the seven hermetic laws.  


That is why my clients go from…    

  • 13.- hourly wages to selling 5K packages.  
  • 100.- sessions to selling 10K packages.  
  • 5-figure months to the first 100K months in the first month of joining.  
  • Selling 36K after one session  

And so much more! But these are just financial results. What is more important is the work they had to do to meet those levels of integrity and be sold on their offer before selling it to someone else.  


They had to…  

Understand and apply the principles of the cosmic intelligence.  

Act in integrity with all the levels of themselves.  

Understand how transformation works in general and how they deliver the 360° transformation from their genius.  

Require only and never settle for anything less than their standards.  

Uplevel and upgrade each and every area of their lives.  

Sometimes cry so many uncried tears.  

And being willing to be uncomfortable all the time.  

And at the end finally meeting themselves and realizing how unique they are and how it actually is experienced when working from their genius which always shows them their unique positioning in any sales conversation that always leads to closing the deal.  


With deep respect,  



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