As one of my beautiful clients said: “That was a huge topic for me. I always was the one being strong. I needed someone who holds my hand and teaches me how to walk myself again.”

I am honored and deeply grateful to be her companion on this journey. I remember the days when I used to be a teenager living in my 2-bedroom apartment by myself healing, studying and preparing myself to be the person who could be there for those clients who would be ready to undertake that journey.

Entrepreneurship is not just a journey. It is…

coming home to yourself

facing your deepest fears

being comfortable to being uncomfortable

Saying yes to more support than you’ve ever imagined

Taking the most scary actions and stepping into the unknown so that your wildest dreams are met beyond your imagination

And saying yes to every single part of you and that means being perfectly fine with being too much for most people

Knowing and acting that…

you are the gift that your clients receive.

You are the medicine of your mission.

You are here to reinvent humanity and let the unmanifest lead.

You said yes to being made and remade over and over again.

Your only job is to be the living vessel (not knowing) so you are acting and pouring out the radiance of the absolute.

Your soul is your highest authority and that nothing in your life and business will work unless it is dialed in to what your soul has come to master not what she has already mastered.

You won’t be supported in fulfilling that if you are choosing someone that can’t see and read that.

You can spend a lifetime searching for you and most people do or you can be the mentor who has found and fulfilled his/her highest destiny and is therefor able to help your clients accomplish the same.

That means you can say without a shadow of a doubt to your potential clients once we work together you’ll be able to not only come home to yourself but I will be the last mentor you need for that matter because after our time together you are going to be you all the way through on a personal level, on a soul level and on a global level and not another copy cat who is implementing someone else’s healing modality, business strategy or launch system but someone who has become his/her own medicine and is able to provide the same for others.

Is this you? Send me a PM!

With love and deep respect,

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