How to reboot your life for completion not just making new years resolutions…
I used to be the person who made plans on how to lose weight or quit smoking and made new years plans on how to make it happen. I started my diet or cleansing and went on to do it for weeks sometimes months until I couldn’t continue living in the box I had created for myself and then I would make a different plan and came up with reasons on why I quit the other thing and started this one. I always wanted to lose weight but never actually did.
Or I would start a cleansing or fasting cure to elevate my consciousness and live in a higher frequency so that I would only feel great and didn’t need any food aka light nutrition.
I also wanted to write my book for years yet never had the time to actually do it because I didn’t know how to make myself a priority.
There are many more stories but you get the point. Bottom line…I always had some plans for the future and was working on something which led to the being-busy-but-no-results-delivery-sickness.
I am happy to say that for the last 5 years since I had my complete life reboot and completion in the same body I am able to state on the new year that I am exactly where I want to be and don’t need to make big plans for the future because I live each day as it could be my last in high integrity with myself and therefor act on every single input immediately or delegate it to my team with clear instructions on what and how to do it.
Here is how I am able to do that…
I don’t live by the law of attraction or any of the seven hermetic laws and that is why I don’t act on the very basic illusion that I am separated from anything outside of myself so I have to attract it which is the same reason why I don’t chant affirmations or practice manifesting something through mental thoughts. In fact whatever I think does not influence what is happening in my life.
I created a business that is 100% in integrity with my personality and what my soul has come to master so that I am not a servant to my business but it serves my life and that generates between multiple 5-figures to 6-figures every month even with a two to three days per week and weeks offline when I am on vacation or doing all the things nourishing for my body and soul.
I put myself first in each and every area of my life and that means I make space and time every day for my spiritual practice, my art, for at least three nourishing meals, my movement and all of my bodies before I think about anyone else, my business or my clients so that I am able to support them in the most expansive yet grounded way because I am deeply intimate and connected to myself. You already know you can’t give to others what you don’t yet have given to yourself consistently.
I always live right in this moment and I am able to do that living individually in my human self and in the most expanded state in the totality of everything there is aka living multidimensionally and that also means I don’t ever postpone things for later. As soon as you put time into the equation and tell yourself it just takes time you actually act from a 3D perspective which always includes fear. I am not talking about your life’s cycles that are set up to be completed by their own timeline or when you have to let life walk you through the gates but about the things that are on your list yet you never actually do.
Even though intuition is my GPS I very well know my map and how specifically and uniquely tailored to all parts of me I have to act to get there. I learnt to be comfortable in something of nothing and don’t ever stay in my comfort zone.
I learnt how to care for my life force and create a vessel that is not leaking which means every part of my life is dedicated to support my legacy and I don’t allow anything or anyone into my vessel that would result in scattered attention all over the place. Yes, not knowing why you are here, where you came from, how to get there and who supports you will result in a vessel with lots of cracks and you leaking your life force all over the place.
I am not saying I have it all figured out or that I know all the answers. But I know that the path to freedom does not come without sacrifices, reboots, death and challenges and the only way to fiercely walk through all of them is to deeply honour, care for and respect you for we are always only able to evolve into what has first been discovered, embraced, integrated and cultivated within us.
Life has so much to offer and you came here with so much to contribute and also to have so much fun. Don’t waste it not deciding, not knowing what that is and taking the synchronous actions to bring it into this world.
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See you on the other side!
With deep respect,
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