Scaling your business only means you have connected deeply with your control over how your business needs expanding from a mental state. And it works until it doesn’t!

The way you attempt to expand your business is the same way you experience yourself in the relationship with your own body, your inner elements and everybody else.

Thinking that your business follows your command because you check your mindset daily and keep your emotions intact only means you have never been held by your business and haven’t truly experienced the deep care and nourishment it wants to bless you with – not just financially but in terms of the vision and impact it truly has in store for you.

The way we view success and how it is taught is truly f**ked up. To the degree that this huge disconnect affects every single area of life that leads to a state of drained life-force instead of relaxation in a super vibrant and highly focused state.

For one simple reason…

The True Essence of the King and Queen dancing a United Dance in ALCHEMY has been denunciated, mishandled and misrepresented for decades.

It’s ok…

😟 to watch violence on TV but shameful to experience pleasure in a love scene.

😟 to think an Entrepreneur is only successful once he/she performs and gets results.

😟 to stay on top of things daily and get everything done but ignoring the worshipping of pleasure and play.

😟 to abandon love-making, pleasure and dates with yourself and/or your partner in order to achieve your goals and kill it in business.

😟 To get up at 4 AM every day to be ahead of everybody else even though it f**ks with the natural rhythm of your body.

All because SHE has forgotten how HE…

🖤 Loves and worships her until SHE is truly nourished, seen and heard so SHE can naturally overflow in Abundance.

🖤 Protects and takes care of her so SHE can stay in the Dark to give birth to the never-before-seen Creations.

🖤 Provides results beyond what SHE could ask for without HER controlling and being in charge of every single aspect.

🖤 Gives her space so SHE can tune in and listen to the tender care of Life and how it wants to bless her next so SHE can create Works of Art and give Birth to the Stars.

🖤 Bathes her in unconditional Love, holds her and cherishes her so the Creation of True Magic bound by Love can feed every area of life and business.

🖤 Doesn’t allow her to turn on her phone before SHE is internally TURNED ON by being deeply rooted in her own Body and connected to Mother Earth.

It’s also WHY…

Your Business commands the United Dance of the King and Queen in Alchemy…

so it can unravel it’s pleasure, orgasms and bring forth the Creations…

the Works of Art that are birthed through Stars

and its very essence is multiplying with ripple effects through your Entire Body…

Breaking you wide open to the deep surrender of pleasure and orgasms…

Where new Businesses that are taking care of you

Are being born

And you can back away

Burn down your Brand

And let your Business

Become its own Movement!


I know it might seem like a lot going from One Million to Ten Million but really it is not in Integrity with your Creative Genius and what it can foresee for your contribution for the thriving of the Planet and Humanity itself in the next 2-5 years.

Sure you can change up some strategies, employ more team members and reach more people. But if you are staying in the same business instead of multiplying businesses you simply act on the illusion of needing to work harder to achieve that kind of result and you know what else… you’re working from your mindset to achieve the imaginable instead of the Artist within you that only and ever is interested to create the unimaginable.

The very essence upon which the actions are implemented that should expand your business to 8-figures instead of 9-figures are built on a program that is bugged. You can temporarily fix it and make it work and yes, reach 8-figures in the next 2-3 years or you can uninstall it and reboot your True Essence and the very foundation upon which actions are taken that no longer scale and instead multiply your Business.

Selling yourself short on any of those is going to create suffering that as you know won’t be fixed by practicing gratitude all-day long and trying to fix something inside of you that was never broken.

Breaking the 7-figure ceiling is not the end of your success and a sign that you’ve made it. It really is the stage in your Business where you no longer have to just survive.

It’s only the beginning in terms of your Ascendant Wealth Mastery and how your Business chooses to expand and grow to not only ensure your thriving but your contribution to the thriving of the entire planet and humanity itself.

When you are a Pioneer at the forefront of the Evolution to reinvent your industry and ultimately humanity your very essence is expansion.

Managing the success and wealth you have accumulated over the years and doing the same thing like…

➡️ Applying the same strategy that has gotten you to 7- or multiple 7-figures

➡️ Keeping all your Team members even though some of them need to be replaced

➡️ Selling the same programs at the same price points

➡️ Adding tons of bonuses on top of your already value-packed offer

➡️ Doing FB-ads to go straight for lead-generation into an evergreen webinar

➡️ Serving your tribe in a FB-group and monetizing that

➡️ Showing up no matter what

And hoping that you’ll get the clients who pay your 6-figure fee in full on the spot might not be what your Business is calling for to expand beyond you being the face of your brand and into its own movement.

If this all works for you and you’d like to continue doing that, wonderful!

But if not and you know that there is this bigger Vision that wants to come through you just are not able to grasp it fully…

these are some signs that you are ready to move past being a brand and into listening to the call of your Business that wants to become its own Movement…

🔕 You feel like retreating more and more to just be in stillness and with your inner listening

🔕 You are craving deep nourishment and care on all levels but especially your body

🔕 Your body might even develop some new food allergies and become hypersensitive to sounds, too much artificial light including the ones from your laptop and phone

🔕 You are not as excited about what you are doing anymore as you used to be but you’ll keep going and show up because you are the person that is managing and doing it all and is keeping the vibe high

🔕 This also shows up in other areas of your life such as relationships with family, friends, team members and clients and you end up being the one that is taking care of everything and fixing and resolving issues

🔕 You can hear and feel the bigger Vision calling you but you don’t really know how to bring it into the world

🔕 You want the clients who show up and pay multiple 6-figures in full on the spot but it rarely happens and usually not without upselling them from a lower-end program

🔕 You also want to reach Millions of people but scaling to that level takes years is what you think

🔕 Or you actually want to completely retreat from delivering your Programs and being a Coach

Just because you are the person that makes the impossible possible doesn’t mean you can change all this by yourself.

It’s gonna be a wild ride…

Even if you have a team supporting your daily business activities, it doesn’t mean that you actually show up as the leader you need to be to expand your business further.

Very few CEO’s are ever able to really make the transition from being in the middle of the daily activities to being the Vision itself and delegating the rest to their world-class team because very few know how to make the transition from being the face of the brand into separating the business from themselves so it can become its own movement.

And that’s why managing the success, wealth and tribe they have cultivated and accumulated over the years seems like the easier way out.

So I am saying it again…

When you are a Pioneer at the forefront of the Evolution to reinvent your industry and ultimately humanity your very essence is Expansion.

And that Expansion never happens when you manage your Success and keep doing the same thing that has gotten you this far.

Interested in hearing how we can help you expand beyond being a brand and managing your success?

Let’s talk about our Vision, Mission and Evolutionary Model and what it could do for your own life and business…

The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur is the place where Evolutionaries reinvent Humanity and have the courage to lead and call people higher by reinventing their industry and ultimately humanity that serves the Highest Good of all instead of complying with what everyone else is doing


We are currently serving people on four continents. Our mission is to help every person still seeking to experience maximum freedom financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as time-wise.

I am Tabita Dietrich the Founder and have studied almost 15 years of my life – by age 29 that is half my lifetime – and grounded the scope on a global scale of what True Freedom looks like and what it takes for us as Humanity to reinvent ourselves for the Highest Good of all Creations.

I have a Team of 20 people and growing supporting my Mission, Vision and execute on our Evolutionary Model so we can best serve our clients.

It is essential for us that we deeply reconnect and integrate the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, the oceans, all kingdoms as well as Mother Earth and the Cosmos. It starts with us caring and protecting not only our life force but the life force of our beautiful planet. Our planet, children and all kingdoms are asking and longing for a benevolent, loving and united Co-Creation where all of us come together to effortlessly synchronise the Reinvention of Humanity that serves the Highest Good of All.

To us, this is not a let us be Light and Love Kinda Thing. It takes your Vision, Mission and Resources dialled in to accomplish that. Being complacent with the wealth you have accumulated and taking that as the measurement of all your success is not going to cut it.

We are looking for all the people, entrepreneurs and companies who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and well-known tribe that they have built over the years (aka as Facebook Groups) to get in front of the people who need to hear their message and are aiding us in accomplishing a shift like the world has never seen before.

You are needed as a whole with all nine levels integrated to be in holographic Integrity to serve not only your most expanded Mission and Vision but the Highest Good of All. We are only serving Entrepreneurs and Companies dedicated to that cause and who’s Vision, Mission and Resources are put in the much bigger projects needed to accomplish this Reinvention because we need many able and devoted hands.

The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur was built to help you integrate and take action on what has taken years to integrate within a matter of months but with no shortcuts and to have Business Structures supporting and holding that Evolution.

The time where you are seeking and running from one course or seminar to another, implementing yet another strategy, funnel-hack, technique or healing modality that leaves your Creative Genius, Legendary Gifts and Evolutionary Path outside the door is over. You and we as Collective have no more time to waste guessing and searching for who we are. The search is over. You are home. Let’s start to create!


Is a benevolent Co-Creation that reinvents your Industry and ultimately Humanity for the Highest Good of All. We are here to help bring conscious businesses, inventions and projects into this world that are serving the upgrade, blessing and wealth of all Creations.

We want the deep reconnection with our roots and ancient wisdom to guide our educational and political structures.

We are creating conscious wealth that deeply cares for the life force and contributes to the integrated, nourishing and established empowerment of its collective.

We stand for the social, financial and global freedom of every living being so that it respects and lives in right relationship with all there is – Mother Earth, the Oceans, the Cosmos, Humanity and all Kingdoms.

We are here to facilitate and give birth to the Evolutionary Entrepreneurs and Companies who want to bring their Legendary Gifts, Strategies, Business Models, fulfilled Potential, Creative Genius, Vision and Mission in a synchronised manner into creating a Global Shift that is long overdue and who won’t stop until it’s done.

We are here to end the suffering of animals and children, clean up our Oceans, care for Mother Earth and build Global Companies that are using their Profit dedicated to that cause and who’s employees are well compensated as well as evolved consciously.


We are restructuring and reinventing Companies and help Entrepreneurs so that in their centre is the deep care for the Lifeforce. We help every person in the organisation to be a conscious part of the Evolution of the Company and has the role and position where the greatest potential is fulfilled.

We stand for heart-centred leadership that comes from living the core principles Truth, Integrity and Communication. Only when you as the Leader have the courage to call people higher by reinventing your industry and ultimately Humanity whilst taking a conscious part in your own Evolution can Leadership rise to a new level.

For over a decade we have designed and established an Evolutionary Model that takes every person from Self-Mastery (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and financial Element) to Alchemy (the United Dance of the King and Queen to bring their Baby – Creations – into the world) to Mastering the Art of Business (Leading as a Pioneer to reinvent Industries instead of complying with what everyone else is doing) into the Ascendant Wealth Mastery™ where your Business becomes its own Movement and you no longer deliver as a service-based Entrepreneur.

The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur is the only program that helps every person evolve on their personal journey and builds Business Structures and Businesses that support the ever-evolving Vision of the Company or Entrepreneur so the expansion into the next Evolution is consistently unfolding and giving up on the Vision just to stay in the comfort zone and manage success, wealth and the well-known tribe that has been accumulated over the years becomes unacceptable.

⭐ We help Evolutionary Entrepreneurs and Companies like you unlock their Creative Genius that also unlocks the most expanded Ideas and Visions – the ones that usually have not even been dreamed about – and bring it into the marketplace always congruent with the Entrepreneurs or Companies Evolutionary Path.

⭐ We also help build the Structures, SOP’s and Teams that support that Vision so that staying in their Creative Genius is truly possible.

⭐ We use Pioneer-Marketing™️ that does not focus on pain points and problem-solving to ensure an authentic, creative and innovative delivery of your Message and Vision.

⭐ Out of the seven strategies that we teach and use for expanding our Companies, we implement the Expansion Strategy that is suited for you. We know that FB-Ads are not everyone’s favorite and there are by far so many more effective and most importantly creative ways to grow a very large and loyal community to truly be an Icon and Evolutionary Leader or Company at the forefront of your Industry (watch Tabita’s Story again in Part One with almost half a million views). 

⭐ Depending on what Vision and Mission is the driving force we create an aligned and by your creative Genius inspired Business, Program or Model that takes the delivery just as important as the process itself to become an Icon not just an Expert.

⭐ We deliver the activated synchronous Vortex that is designed to alchemize the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, sexual and financial Element to expand in Consciousness and simultaneously in Business Structures and Revenue so that there is a Business Model, Sales Process, Message and Marketing integrated that actually is in Integrity with your Evolutionary Path.

If this has you as excited to keep expanding as it is scary, then keep reading…

Before I invite you to take the next step I need to make sure that you have made an empowered choice of reinventing your business and life.

Because if you haven’t and you are still considering to try and make things work or fix and heal yourself even more instead of stepping into being an Evolutionary Entrepreneur then I don’t want you to waste your time any further.

Let’s reassess:

You are ready to…

💪 Master and integrate the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and financial elements so you can alchemize your Soul and become Spirit

💪 Reinvent your current Business or take yourself completely out of the equation

💪 Have a Business that builds on itself and becomes its own movement

💪 Impacting Millions of people whilst at least get paid 6-figures for any Consulting-Service you provide

If you’ve nodded your head so hard it could almost be mistaken as head-banging at a Rock concert, these final answers to questions you might have will help you make your final choice…

“What if I fail and can’t compete with the global experts?”

I get it. The fear to lose everything you’ve built because you admit to yourself and others that you are ready for your next Evolution in Business is real. It’s also uncomfortable.

But let me ask you this: What is more uncomfortable? Getting up every day knowing that you haven’t lived up to your full potential or being scared to fail and to do it anyway? Because if you have truly decided and won’t stop until it’s done, is failure really an option?

“I think I can just do what I am doing now and implement the changes needed to succeed.”

Let me respond with a love note from my client Nora: I can highly recommend Tabita’s work. My life has literally transformed on every level you can think of – with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita’s kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 5-figures, appeared on TV and sold out her Music lessons as well, congrats!)

“I have worked with other people before and have invested money that I never made any ROI from it. Why should I trust you?”

Making a decision of such importance of trusting another person can only be made once you’ve taken back something much more important – the trust in your own choices and the deep inner listening to the call from your Soul that can’t be ignored even though it’s scary as hell.

Or as my client, Regina responds to the question of what she would say to someone who is considering working with me?

If you think about it, you have already taken the bait. Allow yourself to be fished and let Tabita draw you to the holy and grounded land. She might eat you (your fake self) with skin and hair, but what she spits out will be a fantastic form of you that you would not have dared to dream about. F*ck this initial fear, that’s bullshit, even if it almost kills you. However, I also say clearly if you do not really have a great passion for taking your life into your own hands and accepting full responsibility for yourself and your vision (the willingness to constantly take action and uncompromisingly expand your vision), it will be a tedious and stony way … then leave it.

Whatever you choose at this moment I hope that you choose as the person who is living the most daring and scary vision. That is the only one that stretches you far outside your comfort zone where Evolution and Thriving kiss each other Good-Night.


and you want to rise above the market noise to become the Evolutionary Entrepreneur or Company at the forefront of your industry and reinvent it, then we would love to elevate your Business to an Art where all of Creation comes together to effortlessly synchronise your success.

Here is what you can expect…

After you’ve requested the invite you’ll get:

1️⃣ An email with the link to the sales page where you get all the details about the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur.

2️⃣ If all your cells scream yes and you are ready to move forward you simply fill out the application, we get on a call to clear final questions and celebrate your choice and welcome into the program.

3️⃣ You start selling your multiple 5-figure offer inspired and delivered by your Creative Genius within the first month because we are committed to your success and want to keep our delivery rate high.

4️⃣ If it’s not the right program for you yet, we have another option that you can take a look at to get started selling and delivering on $ 5K packages to build your confidence.

5️⃣ If none of it is right for you, no hard feelings. We also won’t spam you with a million emails every day and guilt trip you into buying anyways. There are five FAQ emails scheduled that go out after you’ve received your invite to clarify any other questions you might have and to provide additional resources.

That’s all. The final choice is yours!