The key ingredients to closing $ 25k to $ 100k offers without upselling and funnelling clients into it

In this livestream I'm going to reveal:

  • Why you don't need to have an upsell strategy in place before you can sell out your $ 25k to $ 100k offer
  • Why you also don't have to create a one-year training program with all the bonuses and unlimited access to you to top it off and instead get paid $ 40k for a four months group program
  • The exact process my clients and I use to not only disempower the basic human illusions but also close anything from $ 10k to $ 100k using this exact same process
  • Why you don't have to wait years before you can charge these rates

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I actually upped my prices after just listening to your free live-streams and sold 3 packages at $3300. That’s WAY more than I’ve ever felt comfortable charging before. (She is currently selling out her High-Level Premium Retreat and has already brought in over $ 30k in revenue after just one 1:1 call with Tabita.) Katelyn Ruth