Where Evolutionary Entrepreneurs reinvent humanity



Unleash the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur

Evolutionary entrepreneurs have the courage to lead and call people higher by reinventing their industry and ultimately humanity that serves the Highest Good of all instead of complying with what everyone else is doing. You have to live up to your full potential and unleash the Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur to access your global movement. Only then are you taking conscious part in the evolution that we are all undertaking and you experience yourself in a much bigger spectrum. This expanded way of living will give you access to the ideas and inventions that reinvent this planet and humanity and serve the Highest Good of all so that you are actually making this world a better place which is the most rewarding duty you are here to fulfil.

Start living in Integrity with all of you today

There is no right or wrong way to expand into the financial and soul-dimensions you are longing to expand. There is only what is in Integrity with you and what is not. Get clear on your core vision and say yes to only that and no to things that don’t make sense for your brand and how you scatter your attention all over the place which is how you leak your life force. To get lacer lucid clear on your giant legacy and take massive, focused and effective action it is required of you to know and integrate all nine levels of you.

Not only close but also deliver 100% from your Genius

You need to understand how your supernatural Genius works that can see what can’t be seen with the physical eyes and is able to read every person instantly so that there can’t be anymore secrets. That is how real trust is built. Once you see how your supernatural genius works and how it delivers the 360° transformation in a person’s life that changes everything at once you can’t but charge multiple 5-figure fees and deliver on them as well because that is the level of respect and integrity that your soul demands. 

Enter the Synchronous Vortex

Where you understand that when you are in Integrity with every aspect of yourself you don’t need to operate on a mental level to produce results. In fact whatever you think does not influence or manifest what is happening in your life anymore because there comes a point when you have no more beliefs around a certain topic. A tree doesn’t need to believe it is a tree in order to be who it is. Thoughts are not the fastest things that travel. Your being on a cellular level is. Feelings are not your guide to the future and what you manifest. Your level of Integrity with all of you in Synchronicity with your Highest Destiny, the Cosmos and Mother Earth is.


Tabita survived 5-near death experiences and healed herself from abuse, addiction, co-dependency, victim consciousness and so much more until the age of 18 when she finished college. She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and made 4-figures and growing from the first month in business with her own self-mastery method helped hundreds of people internationally to master themselves and build the life they were meant to live. She created multiple six-figures at the age of 22 and had created the life she dreamt to have.

Her death and rebirth came when she innocently ended up in prison in a 3rd world country at the age of 23 and completely reinvented herself and her business. She wrote 7 books during her 2-years prison time and submitted one of them that was published after she was released. It became a Bestseller at the age of 26.
She then has been featured in countless national television and radio shows like TeleZüri, Tele Top, Radio Munot and many more with her book and shared her story of being reborn and rising like a phoenix from the ashes with the masses.

She helps Evolutionary Entrepreneurs run international businesses that are in integrity with them, call people higher by helping them reinvent their industries so that their businesses and inventions serve the Highest Good of all. Her clients are quantum leaping and more than 10x their income in the first month of working with her and go from 10K months to 100K months or from 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 4-figure packages and deliver on them as well.