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From Chaos To A Thriving Opportunity – A Free 3-Part Video Training To Strengthen Your Health, Upgrade Your Inner Resilience And Expand Your Business To Consistent $ 50k+ Months With Integrity [Even During Uncertain Times]

#3 of 3: How To Make $ 50k+ Months With Integrity In Uncertain Times By Creating Thriving Opportunities

You’ll learn to:

  • How we create thriving opportunities for our clients and prospects who are ready to say yes and use this crisis for massive expansion.
  • How we support our clients and help them respond to their clients who want to back out of their contracts.
  • How to overdeliver in value and help your audience during times of chaos and still close $ 5k+ deals with people who can and want to invest in your amazing work NOW.
  • How to own the power of your work and communicate the biggest transformation you can provide in your marketing in these uncertain times so your dream clients can say yes to uplevel during the chaos.

From Chaos To A Thriving Opportunity – A Free 3-Part Video Training To Strengthen Your Health, Upgrade Your Inner Resilience And Expand Your Business To Consistent $ 50k+ Months With Integrity [Even During Uncertain Times]

#2 of 3: How To Develop Emotional And Mental Resilience To Use Chaos As Fuel

You’ll learn to:

  • Use every negative thought and emotion as fuel to thrive rather than crawl into scarcity.
  • Stay calm and centred to lead yourself, your loved ones, clients and team members through times of fear, uncertainty and worries.
  • Coach yourself out of anxiety, fear and worry to expand and thrive in times when you might like to hide, watch Netflix and funny videos all day long.
  • Give your emotions the space and time to flow without being overwhelmed or anxious.

From Chaos To A Thriving Opportunity – A Free 3-Part Video Training To Strengthen Your Health, Upgrade Your Inner Resilience And Expand Your Business To Consistent $ 50k+ Months With Integrity [Even During Uncertain Times]

#1 of 3: How To Stay On Track With Your Health And Boost Your Immune System

You’ll learn to:

  • Develop the habits, routines, ingredients, and resources to boost your immune system rather than indulge in emotional eating habits in front of the TV.
  • Treat any symptoms of weakness to return to and keep up your vitality, health, and strength.
  • Integrate a daily routine to keep your vitality, health, and exercise on track even if you can’t visit a gym or go to the spa.


Why you should charge $ 10K NOW for your deeply transformational work 

If you have years of extensive research, experience, training and a lot of certificates it’s time to own the power of your work NOW.


From Prison, Mental Illness and Abuse to Three Companies

How do you not only heal yourself from mental illness after having been diagnosed with everything from depression to schizophrenia as a teenager…
…to then leave the education system after college with top grades and later on spending two years innocently in incarceration…
… but thrive and build three international companies one of them serves people on four continents and in two different languages helping clients close $25k to $ 100k offers and delivering the transformation in 4-6 months instead of a year….
and write a Bestselling-Book in the process as well.

I am an Entrepreneur in my Body, an Artist in my heart and an Evolutionary in my Spirit and what I used to get beaten for, what has been diagnosed and treated with medication by my psychiatrist and…
…what I have cursed for almost all my teenage years before I understood and mastered it
…is actually my most brilliant gift and my genius.

I then monetized it which helped me to master and form it into an Evolutionary Organic Process that takes every Person from Self-Mastery, to Alchemy to Mastering the Art of Business and let the Business become it’s own movement
…and yes, charge € 40k to € 100k for my Mastermind Programs with full integrity where we take your Creations and your Results as well as your Evolutionary Process equally important.

In this livestream, I am going to talk about how this gift I got beaten, medicated and cursed for helps me bring my Movement into the world with several Companies and close multiple 5-figures to 6-figures as a Pioneer that is reinventing everything in the process including how Sales and Closing are done.


How to show up as the Leader at the forefront of the Evolution
Being an Evolutionary Entrepreneur who is in for something so much bigger than you requires you to do things differently each step of your Evolution. Because what has gotten you this far won’t get you any further than that.
And the most important shift is when you outgrow running your business as a person and stepping into being the Leader and CEO that helps others shine so bright that your Company becomes an unstoppable force and a movement on its own. Because if you have to control everything in the middle of it you won’t have time for reinvention and innovation and you certainly are NOT a leader.


Selling up not out
How creativity and boundless expression overflows into your business


How a Creative Genius actually creates and what it requires to flourish and thrive beyond your wildest expectations

Are you ready to break free where there is no ceiling to what you can accomplish including closing your multiple 5-figure and 6-figure deals in the next two weeks?

Do you want to get back your most precious commodity your time and make a bigger impact not only in your life but every person you meet along the way?

Are you ready to unleash your own potential so much that you are scared of it and you become invincible so you are committed to changing the world?

Then this is for you!


If you are not clear on what I am going to reveal today you won’t be able to execute cleary on the vision

that you have not fully received yet. Sounds crazy? It’s not when you are the Creator and the Creation at the same time and you are being present and in consecration deeply listening to your next evolution as well as acting on it before you have any physical proof whether or not it actually works.

If you are here to reinvent Humanity and we both know you are then you have no time to wait on physical proof. You need an utterly clear presence that informs everyone around you that this is how the Unmanifest Leads and you are the miracle itself that delivers what has no words or physical manifestations yet. I call this sitting in something of nothing.

It’s when you are getting up each and every day…
– Walking into the Unknown and dancing the utterly holy Dance of Cosmic Synchronicity that effortlessly and utterly shattering activates the untouched Sacred Realms to bring it into existence.
– That synchronises your entire Business Success around honouring and caring for the blessed and benevolent Ingredient (I am going to talk about today) that is nourishing us all instead of just substracting from it.
– That is constantly contemplating and backing yourself up with the Force of the entire Cosmos, Mother Earth and your Genius to deliver the Medicine and Reinvention that sets an entirely different course for Humanity.
– Leaving the Grid whilst playing on the Grid at the same time is how you create on the edge of Human Experience that emerges in True Genius.
– So that Nothing is left untouched and nothing is left unspoken even though your mouth does not speak a single phrase.
– It’s when the Giant Evolution itself has entirely become YOU.


How to protect and care for the most important part of yourself

and why all the ancient traditions always knew but our Western Way of Living and yes Esoteric-Market have all forsaken and forgotten about it.

What you’ll hear in this livestream is going to forever change your life and liberate you from constrictions you were not even aware that you had and no we are not doing any mindset work at all neither healing your past traumas or issues you think you might have 😉


How to access the High-Speed Connection to the Cosmos

so you can download every information in every language instantly to sign your next 10 multiple 5-figure clients and always be in the right place on the right time to meet the right people


How to sell and deliver even if you are not ready


How to sell your multiple 5-figure offer with integrity and to strangers who have never heard of you before

even though they know the price and you didn’t lure them into a call to sell it to them


How to cooperate with mother earth and the cosmos itself

so you can act on all the insights and solutions to your challenges and questions instantly


3-part livestream series – Create a synchronous vortex

Part #1 How to have a miraculous shift in a moment of grace that liberates your fortune

Your question is not how do you make money. Your question is how do you cooperate with yourself, the earth and the cosmos itself so that this legacy grows into a giant evolution where everything weaves into each other without the pushing, the grinding and the you-need-to-better-yourself-and-be-high-vibe.

Part #2 How to have the courage to lead and call people higher by reinventing your industry

Part #3 How to cooperate with mother earth and the cosmos itself so you can act on all the insights and solutions to your challenges and questions instantly


How your supernatural genius actually works and transforms your clients’ life 360° and how to access it now


3-Part Livestream Series – The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur

Part #1 of 3 How to master the art of business and only work in your zone of genius with exactly the people you want.

We hear it so often… let your intuition do its work and work only from your zone of genius so that you are supported in all the ways possible and your soulmate clients show up at your doorstep.

This is what they tell you…
– You just need an automated system and a funnel so it can do its work for you
– You just need to trust your intuition and everything will work out
– You just need to operate from your genius and kill the human within you
– You just need to market from your heart and your soulmate clients will see you
– You just need to be in the flow and things will magically appear
– You just need to ascend into 5D to be enlightened and have the life and business of your dreams

And so on and on and on…. and yes, we all know it’s not just one thing. It’s a whole multidimensional dynamic behind it that doesn’t just require 5 steps to your magic dream business and everything will be flow.

That’s why today I’ll show you the energetics behind what it really takes and I will also tell you what is going on globally that needs to be changed within you, in your business and then changed globally so that you actually master the art of business and enter the global stage in a way that is 100% YOU and not another copied business model of the big names in the industry.

Part #2 of 3 Why it is selfish to not sell out your multiple 5-figure offers to exactly the people who meet your standards.

Part #3 of 3 How to have a business like a well-oiled machine so that you only work in your zone of genius.

If you are a one men/woman show and doing everything by yourself in your business you don’t actually have a business. You are a servant of your business.

Being in business means you have a strong vision, which is your strong container and you have a team therefor you create working places for those people who support your vision. That is the only way to have a strong container that is not leaking and that can expand.


How to cure the not good enough disease once and for all to sell out your multiple 5-figure packages

Not many people give themselves permission to go after what they really want and not stop until it’s done and even lesser people know how to actually do that.


How your body is directly connected to your feminine intuition or why always only focusing on financial results could cause your intuition to shut down

Bypassing your body, your energy and your hormonal balance because you are too busy working and focused on financial results. Then what you are doing to make the sales is not what will actually bring your $100K month with only four clients and what you really need to do instead to come back to complete peace, integrity with you and a body that feels and looks how you want it to.


Why being too much and too deep is exactly what you need

to call people higher by reinventing your industry and ultimately Humanity that serves the Highest Good of All


Why there should be as many business models as there are coaches and mentors out there AKA why your business is unlike anyone else’s

Still searching for the magic formula or the how of what you need to do to have passive income and high-ticket packages in order to have the thriving business of your dreams?

If you have these questions going through your mind:
– How do I get more clients?
– How do I sell multiple 5-figure packages to CEO’s or millionaires?
– How do I figure out a way to create passive income?
– Where are my clients hanging out and how do I find them?

This is for you!


How to actually activate and know all of you

so you can end the most ingrained and sabotaging cycle forever which I am going to talk about in this livestream and no, it has nothing to do with mindset, blocks, implementing marketing strategies or practice and learn more.


Why the world needs you to know all of you

Finally, shine your light brighter than ever and shout your message from the rooftops for everyone to hear to end the most ingrained and sabotaging cycle forever which I am going to talk about in this livestream.


Why there literally doesn’t exist high and low frequency and how busting that lie will change everything for your life and business

There is freedom waiting for you once you deeply understand and shift on a cellular level what I am about to reveal in this livestream.


What a core wound is

Once you expand beyond it will help you upgrade each and every area of your life at the same time


How to sell your multiple 5-figure offer with integrity and to strangers

who have never heard of you before even though they know the price and you didn’t lure them into a call to sell it to them


Where Self-Discovery & Conscious Wealth kiss each other Goodnight

Or when your search is finally over and the beautiful Dance of who you are and not yet are as a Human Being and Entrepreneur lead to overflowing abundance within and without

You don’t have to…
– have Coaches by your side all the time on your journey
– work your way up for years before you can charge multiple 5-figure fees
– be completely who you are before you allow yourself to be seen by the world and inspire Millions of people

In one sentence… why the time to share your Truth with the World is now and how to discover what it is in this moment… not years!


How to unleash your True Life’s Purpose which you have been searching for all your life

We’ll cover:

  • Why you will never have to do another certificate or training that won’t position you as an expert anyways but also push you further away from your calling.
  • Why it’s an absolute lie, that you have to give free sessions to refine your intuitive gifts and what you need to do instead.
  • How to promise your client how and what exactly you are doing that will give him/her the guaranteed result he/she wants.


What needs to change for you to actually sell multiple 5-figure packages with integrity and deliver on them.

It is an illusion that is not only personally but globally acted on as well and that is not easy to escape from if you don’t know what it is and how to do it.

If you are an entrepreneur who knows that…
– You are not fully showing up
– You are not selling multiple 5-figure packages to whom you want
– You are meant for something bigger but don’t know how to get there


The key ingredients to closing 25k to 100k offers without upselling and funneling clients into it.

In this livestream I’m going to reveal:
– Why you don’t need to have an upsell strategy in place before you can sell out your $ 25k to $ 100k offer
– Why you also don’t have to create a one-year training program with all the bonuses and unlimited access to you to add more value and instead get paid $ 40k for a four months group program
– The exact process my clients and I use to not only disempower the basic human illusions but also close anything from $ 10k to $ 100k using this exact same process
– Why you don’t have to wait years before you can charge these rates


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